The war is over. The dead have been buried. The traitors have been punished. People feel more alive than they have in a long time. They are ready to start again. 


But Antigone is not. She will not move on, and she will not forget. She will drag everyone back if she has to. 


Lulu Raczka’s searing adaptation hands the reins of Sophocles’ classic text to the young women at the heart of the play creating something messy, irreverent and vital.


"Full of experiment and daring, this production takes risks that pay off in its captivating pull and shows us what fearless revisionism can do." - The Guardian 


"It’s ‘Antigone’. But not as we know it... A smart, sad, empathetic play." - Time Out


"This is a smart, intimate piece that shows us the power of conviction, and the eternal love between two sisters" - What's On Stage 

Antigone ran at the New Diorama Theatre in January 2020, and was supported by Arts Council England. 



Antigone - Annabel Baldwin

Ismene - Rachel Hosker

Writer - Lulu Raczka

Director - Ali Pidsley

Designer - Lizzy Leech

Lighting Designer - Tim Kelly

Sound Designer - Kieran Lucas

Producer - Imogen Clare-Wood

Stage Manager - Rose Hockaday


Cast and Creative

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